Style Me Up Digital is the worlds leading web design and digital marketing services company for hair salons and individual hairstylists.

Founded in 2019 by small business development expert Sean Smith, Style Me Up Digital was born from the idea that every hair salon needs access to premium flat-rate, high-quality and professional web design and digital marketing services that help you seamlessly grow your hair business on a consistent basis.



We understand the challenge and frustration you face as a hairstylist or salon owner in growing your business. Our purpose is to help you address those challenges head-on, so you can overcome them and achieve your goals confidently and successfully.

Your Success is Our Passion

We love seeing our clients succeed, your success is what we really offer you. We focus all our efforts on helping you achieve your goals and get the best results possible.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Let us worry about online branding, marketing, and lead generation while you focus on delivering the high-quality, professional service, environment and experience your clients deserve.

We're Committed to Truth

We approach everything we do with a ruthless commitment to truth, honesty and integrity. Every decision we make, every communication you or your clients receive is done so with the commitment to always do what is right.

Your Customers Deserve The Best

We know your customers are the lifeblood of your business and are committed to delivering to them an amazing customer experience every time they interact with your brand.


Our Vision

Our vision is to change the lives of thousands of hairstylists and salon owners around the world to help you live the prosperous and abundant life you want.

Our approach is simple...


Deliver high-quality, world-class products, services and support to our clients that give you the results you want.


Create seamless, easy to follow and understand client/customer experiences for you and your clients that builds trust, loyalty, and your business.


Grow, innovate, improve and expand you, your business, your brand and life to achieve the results and live the life you want.



Founder & CEO

After working 10 years behind the scenes of his wife’s hair business where he successfully maintains a consistent 34% annual growth rate, has grown the business to multiple 6-figures in revenue and doubles her income every two years, Sean is asked every day by hairstylists and salon owners how he does it.

“I created Style Me Up Digital to answer the question of how my wife and I can maintain such phenomenal and consistent growth within our hair business and address a growing need within the hair industry for high-quality, world-class branding, marketing, lead generation, and business development services.”

Let Us


Avoid the pain and frustration of trying to generate leads and grow your hair or salon business yourself.

We want you to succeed! Let us help you avoid the frustration and challenge of marketing your hair business yourself. We’ll be your guide and work with you every step of the way to help you create and achieve the results you want.

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